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Welcome to My Website


-My name is Julie Ricks and this is my website !I have created this experimental website for my Intro to Computers class at Lonestar Montgomery College, where I am a full time student taking 14 credit hours and hoping to make all A’s this semester. I am currently trying to get my basics out of the way because my wonderful parents pay for my college education and I feel that if I can attend a community college for a short time just to get my basics done and save them plenty of money, I should. I am shooting for the field of Forensic Psychology, as far as I know, but majors do change. I really hope to pursue this degree although, to make any money it consists of having a PhD , but I’m going to try to aim for the Master’s unless I decide I want to do something else relatable. I actually don’t mind school, yes it is hard work but I like learning new things and having something to discuss that isn’t superficial, and you should too…so pay attention! And No, FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY IS NOT LIKE CSI it deals with the law and psychology…why they call it “Forensics” I do not know. To get a better idea of what Forensic Psychology is go here Forensic Psychology.

-Now to get a little more personal…I am 19 years old and currently working as a bartender/waitress at a Mamma and Papa owned Restaurant in Old Town Spring, and the tips are usually great and the people are fun(most of the time). I am fun, down to earth, goofy, and opinionated. I come with a great sense of humor, an open mind, a big heart, a sometimes rather sassy attitude and a certain bluntness or honesty. I do find myself to be very impatient on many occasions, especially with people who act like they don’t have the brain they were born with or ask me dumb questions. I said I was very honest…J. I enjoy watching movies, a lot of comedy like Superbad and Anchorman and suspense thrillers like Saw, Fracture, The Cube and so on. The star of Superbad, Jonah Hill, is hilarious and I admire the work he has done in Knocked Up, Grandma’s Boy, Accepted and I am looking forward to the new movie of his called Strange Wilderness. To check up on the cast and see what it is about click on the following link Strange Wilderness I also love reading and throwing back some beers with my friends. I prefer Miller Lite, it’s refreshing.

-And to wrap it up I have an amazing boyfriend whom I have been dating a year and 2 months or so. He is just as cool as I am. I like to school him at guitar hero…when he actually lets me play. AND! I adopted his dog, her name is Bevo (yes after the UT longhorn) and she is my baby. She is the coolest freaking dog ever. Your dog has NOTHING on her.

The End.